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Walking into your business and finding that it has flooded is incredibly stressful and will undoubtedly put you into a state of panic. The best thing you can do...

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When your home or business is flooded you think "How will I be able to pay for this?" 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson has you covered with 100% Direct Insurance Billing...

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Water damage can be extremely stressful and 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson is here to provide expert service 24 hours a day 7 days a week just call us anytime...

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All insurance companies accepted!

We Work Directly With Your Insurance Company And Will Help With Your Deductible!

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pipe burst, storm water flooded your basement, or appliances leaked, you need to act fast to extract water from your home and get materials dry before damage occurs. 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson is a leading water damage remediation company in California. Our experts will help you come up with a complete recovery plan to get your life back on track quickly and affordably.

Our Services Include:

tick  24 hour emergency services
tick  Water extraction
tick  Flooded basements
tick  Carpet drying
tick  Hardwood floor drying
tick  Sewage removal
tick  Sanitization
tick  Deodorization
tick  Mold removal
tick  Debris removal
tick  Direct billing to insurance


The Risk of Mold Growth

When their homes or businesses are flooded, most people first worry about getting water out of their property. However, the biggest risk of water damage is often the mold growth is causes. To grow, mold only needs moisture, a food source (which can be just about anything), oxygen, and a temperature between 40 and 100 degrees F. In just 24 hours, mold can start growing on moist structures. The mold might not be visible at first if it is growing within walls or in your subfloor. However, the mold still releases toxic fumes into the air which can harm your health. The mold itself can be incredibly destructive to your property and cause permanent staining.

To reduce the risk of mold growth occurring in your flooded home or business, it is important that you call for water damage remediation services asap. The experts at 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson use infrared imaging technology to locate moist pockets in your home (even within walls and floors) and use extensive humidity-control methods combined with biocides to prevent mold from growing. We can also treat mold which has already begun to grow, but the process will be more intensive and staining may have already occurred to your property.

Multi-Step Recovery Plans

One of the things that makes 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson different from other Water Damage is that we create customized multi-step recovery plans. The plans take into consideration your unique situation, such as the types of materials which are water damaged, the Category and Class of water damage, value of your property, and budget constraints.

No matter how big or small your case of water damage is, you can expect our certified water damage specialists to perform the following steps:

1. Inspection: We inspect the entire site of flooding to assess the damage and come up with a remediation plan. The inspection includes the use of infrared imaging technology to find hidden pockets of moisture so no area remains untreated.
2. Water Extraction: Professional pumps and wet vacuums extract water from carpets, subfloors, walls, and other surfaces. For hardwood floor drying, we use injectidry systems.
3. Drying: Water must be evaporated from surfaces using air movers which are set up throughout the space.
4. Dehumidifying: Water levels in the air are controlled through dehumidifiers.
5. Monitoring: Monitoring might be required to make sure the drying process is happening safely and no mold growth occurs.
6. Decontamination and Mold Mitigation: Special steps are taken in situations where sewage water or other black water damage has occurred. Biocides and enzyme cleaners can prevent mold growth.

Our Equipment

The key to successful water damage remediation is expertise and equipment. 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson has invested in some of the best technology the water damage industry has to offer. This technology allows us to clean up water and moisture from your home faster and more efficiently, saving your property and saving you money in the process. Some of the equipment we use as part of our regular Water Damage Services are:

tick  Infrared cameras
tick  Water pumps
tick  Wet vacuums
tick  Injectidry systems
tick  Moisture meters
tick  Air movers
tick  Dehumidifiers

Direct Billing to Insurance Companies

To spare you hassle and stress, we can help by directly billing insurance companies all covered water damage expenses. We have years of experience working with insurance companies and understand the finer details of filing claims, so you can make sure you get the coverage you are entitled to.

For immediate water damage assistance, call us now. We are happy to serve you.


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