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Walking into your business and finding that it has flooded is incredibly stressful and will undoubtedly put you into a state of panic. The best thing you can do...

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When your home or business is flooded you think "How will I be able to pay for this?" 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson has you covered with 100% Direct Insurance Billing...

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Water damage can be extremely stressful and 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson is here to provide expert service 24 hours a day 7 days a week just call us anytime...

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you will pay for it. If you have homeowner’s insurance or flood insurance, then this can mean dealing with insurance agents, adjusters, and numerous confusing forms to fill out. At 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson, CA, we have years of experience in dealing with water damage claims and can help you through the process.

Types of Water Damage Covered by Home Insurance

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover accidental water damage. However, they generally do not cover flood damage. This is covered by a separate flood insurance policy.

There are three main types of homeowner’s insurance policies: HO-1, HO-2 and HO-3. HO-1 policies usually won’t cover common causes of water damage, such as leaking pipes. HO-2 policies will cover 16 types of water damage. However, HO-2 policies usually do not cover the costs of repairing the cause of the water damage, such as the costs of fixing broken pipes. HO-3 policies cover all types of water damage except those which are exempt (like flooding from natural disasters), and may also cover the costs of repairing the cause of damage.

Remember that homeowner’s insurance only covers water damage which wasn’t the result of negligence. For example, if you failed to repair a pipe which your plumber told you was corroded, you might be considered negligent and damages from the burst pipe won’t be covered. It is very difficult for insurance companies to prove your negligence though, so this is one situation where you have the advantage over the insurance company.

Here are some of the types of water damage you can expect your home insurance to pay for:

tick  Leaking interior pipes

tick  Fire sprinkler discharge

tick  Appliance leaks

tick  Plumbing backups

tick  Toilet overflows

Estimating the Costs of Water Damage

If you experience water damage which is covered by your insurance policy, then you will receive the amount of the damages minus your deductible. To make sure you get full compensation, you will need to carefully document all of the damage caused by the water. The professionals at 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson, CA can help with this documentation, such as by taking water level readings and providing detailed reports.

Remember that some of the costs of water damage might not occur until well after the initial damage. For example, if you do not completely dry materials such as subfloors and insulation between walls, mold will start to grow and eventually cause stains and structural damage. Since the mold is trapped under floors and in walls, you might not notice for months, by which time you have already signed insurance claim forms and won’t be able to make further claims on the damage. This is just one reason why it is so important to hire a professional water damage restoration company to make sure the problem is completely dealt with right away.

Should You File a Claim for Water Damage?

Homeowner’s insurance is meant to be used for expensive emergencies. If you file a claim for small amounts of water damage, you may be covered – but you risk losing your coverage or facing large rate hikes.

According to a study in California, nearly 1/3 of insurance companies refuse to renew homeowner insurance policies to holders who made 1 or 2 water damage claims in the past 3 years. For insurers who do renew policies, holders can expect rate hikes of 20-40%. All information about claims is shared by insurance companies in their national database, so you can expect the same high rates from other insurance companies if you try to switch. Because of this, it is very important that you weigh the immediate costs of paying for the water damage with the long-term costs associated with your insurance.

How to File a Water Damage Insurance Claim

When you experience water damage or flooding, your first priority should be your safety and to save as much property as possible from damage. You can worry about the insurance companies after your home or business is secure. First turn off electricity or gas, if necessary (never touch electrical switches while standing in water). Then take any necessary steps to stop the flow of the water and remove items from the room. Put cardboard under furniture legs to prevent staining.

Once the premises are secure, you will want to call for professional Water Damage . In emergency situations, we at 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson, CA can generally arrive within 30 minutes. While waiting for us to arrive, you will want to call the insurance company. You will also want to take photographs and other documentation of the damage.

Make sure to ask the insurance company what is expected of you. You will be allowed to make immediate repairs to prevent further damage to your home and keep your home in livable conditions. However, you should not start on any major non-urgent repairs until the insurance adjuster has been out to document the damage. For example, you will want to take immediate steps to dry a hardwood floor before it buckles or grows mold, but you should not replace a damage wood floor until the insurer has inspected and given approval.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to make the water damage insurance claims process go smoothly:

tick  Review Your Policy: Before filing your water damage claim, look through your policy and make sure you understand what is covered and what is exempt.

tick  Avoid Saying the Word “Flood”: Just because your basement is flooded by 2 feet of water from a burst pipe, it doesn’t mean your insurance company considers it a “flood.” The word flood is usually used for water damage from natural elements, like excess rain, and these damages aren’t covered by homeowner’s insurance – so avoid saying the word flood.

tick  Document All Damages: Never start with repairs until you have documented the damage.

tick  Keep All Receipts: You will need receipts for water damage remediation services and any repair or replacement materials which you bought.

tick  Make Only Necessary Repairs: You should make repairs which are urgent and needed to prevent further damages. However, you shouldn’t make major structural repairs until given authority by your insurance company.

tick Don’t Throw Away Damaged Items: If you throw away damaged items before your insurance company adjuster looks at them, your claim for coverage on them will probably be denied.

tick  Stick to the Facts: If you don’t know what caused your water damage, don’t try to make guesses while talking to the insurance company. Just stick to the facts, like that there is 3 inches of standing water in your basement and floors, walls, and furniture are wet.

How We Can Help

At 24/7 Flood Rescue Carson, CA, we understand how incredibly stressful water damage can be, which is why we make it our goal to help our customers through the entire process from water extraction to filing claims. We can help by documenting water damage, providing detailed reports, and billing directly to your insurance company so you have less paperwork to deal with.

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